People, Light and Neons Amoled Wallpaper containing Mammal, Vertebrate, Dog, Canidae, Dog breed, Snout, Carnivore, Nose, Ear, Puppy

Resolution: 1440×3120

Black Percentage: 75.26%

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Amoled Wallpaper - HD & 4K offers a premium collection of QHD and 4K (UHD) black Amoled Wallpapers with frequent updates. The wallpapers are handpicked by a professional team and optimized for OLED/AMOLED displays. The app's 4K section features high-resolution dark wallpapers with at least 70% true black pixels. These wallpapers not only look amazing but also save battery on OLED smartphones by turning off black pixels. offers several unique features, including a 1-click download, a built-in automatic wallpaper changer, and the ability to turn normal wallpapers into AMOLED wallpapers with just a few taps. The app also features a deep search bar, where users can instantly find the perfect wallpaper, as well as a Discover section that uses a smart discovery algorithm to filter through thousands of wallpapers to find the perfect one for each user. Other features include a Trending section, where users can see what others are downloading the most, and the ability to save favorite wallpapers in one place. Categories include Automobile, Abstract and Patterns, Architecture, Neons, Minimal, Nature, Superheroes and Movies, Text and Quotes, and Anime. The mobile app offers fast loading and data-saving options, with smaller resolution versions of each wallpaper available for previewing, and industry-leading compression technologies ensuring that wallpapers load quickly even on slow connections.

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